Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Knowledge is Power or is it?

Over the last decade knowledge has become the principal value driver in every economy. Despite this, most managers, still have not learned how to harness knowledge. Why? There are 4 ways to get into a position of power and in the following order of precedence:

  1. By manipulation, including skillful ignorance and Machiavellian tactics
  2. By inheritance
  3. By accident
  4. Through knowledge, know-how, skill & experience

Having acquired some power the mediocre (the 1st 3 precedences) will raise the shields of ignorance to guard his/her position. It is mediocrity not stupidity which costs organizations and their stakeholders dearly! Someone said: "Knowledge is expensive but so is stupidity" so the mediocre managers have shut out the knowledge.

It is not the stupidity we need to be concerned about but about the monumental mediocrity which has permiated much of the middle and upper layers of management.

Mediocrity is far behind ability and scantily ahead of stupidity

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